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Connectable watch for kids
merging Fun, Health & Security.

What is Team8?

Team8 is a connectable watch for kids (5-12 years old). Users can create and manage their own super-hero (name, costume, abilities, etc.). They can use it in many games and, by connecting 2 watches together, they can oppose their hero against the one of their friends.

But to do all those activities the heroes will need to feed from kid’s life force, this way the more the kids’ll do exercises, the stronger their hero become!

It will helps parents to control children’s weight, the camera inside will be used to collect points, but also to record kid’s food and check, in case of allergies, through the barcode if the product can be eatable for the kids. It will  send reminders for medication adherence, and help on many others health issues.


Games & empowerment kids will love Team8 universe


Learning & adopting good behaviour does not have to be boring


Always be relaxed & peaceful, knowing your kid is safe.

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